ZRESH is the face brand of our company Ettemad Agro pvt ltd. From the past five years the company has been quite adequately engaged in agriculture business like Poultry farming ,Feeds, Eggs distribution etc. And gradually we decided to turn our attention towards processing fresh and frozen meat  in B2B sector, our vast experience of working with wholesalers and retailers helped us to understand Direct to consumer market(D2C) But soon realised the pain point of consumers as people were paying high for low quality which significantly helped us in getting to D2C  market and eventually we started ZRESH  it is the right brand which can bridge the gap between demand and supply for our valuable customers As we understand this market much better than others we also understand the value for money our customers wants and that's the reason why ZRESH eliminated all the mediators in the field. From our direct farms situated in state of Haryana and southern parts of Punjab to our full fledge hygienic facility located in Delhi. Our strong focus on Quality, Innovation and ‘Better for You’ products has helped us stand out in a very cluttered retail market.


To provide our customers with quality service, products they look for and to provide nutritious diet to all. We carefully process each and every product with all food safety standards and deliver fresh to our customers doorstep. We INDIANS are very mindful of what we eat and place product origin at the very top of their list of criteria for purchasing food ,But is it possible to enjoy a healthy Meat at affordable prices without compromising on quality? Yes, we make this right habits possible.


Imagine a world in which you could buy all your favourite meat in online store and choose from countless options of delicious meats without compromising with your health and pocket that's why we want to create a platform for our people to be able to shop without any worries and continue the supply of healthy nutrition to our nation.

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