How we Work?

ZRESH is a Brand of Ettemad Agro Pvt.Ltd. which is a prominent supplier of raw meat to many different sectors be it Cloud kitchens, Pet food manufacturers ,Aviation or Hotel catering or Process food companies we have a vast experience of working and serving these industries and understand their fast pace demand. Our working standards are suitable and acceptable to cater their needs.


Packaging of a product make sure that it is protected  from deteriorative agents like discoloration, off flavor and off odor, Chilling is used for short term storage of meat. It does not affect flavor, appearance or nutritional value of meat. maintainance of meat is done at about 1°C Lower temperatures to protect meat from microorganisms growth due to this lower temperature  of −18°C is suitable.

We at ZRESH are very keen in how we pack and transport our material to our clients because shelf lives of meat products are fragile if they are not properly stored or maintained ,that is why from processing -packaging -storage -transportation we take care at every stage, We package our supplies into three layer packaging both in boxes and bags properly sealed and make sure temperature is adequate taking outmost care and make sure that product reach our client as they expect.




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