Our Sources

Ethical, honest, and practical sourcing is absolutely crucial for protecting the source of the animals. The meat market is considered one of the most fragile food industries with various factors affecting the quality and safety of meat in the supply chain. ZRESH takes very seriously about its sourcing and are very stringent in terms of quality.


We runs our operations as well as delegates to external farmers on a contract basis. The chicks are fed with good nutritious feed, and their health is monitored by veterinary experts. The broilers are raised in clean and hygienic controlled houses, equipped with  systems for supplying feed and water to the birds. Pure water and nutritious feed are given to the birds for good health and lower disease risk. For keeping them disease-free, the broiler chicks are vaccinated and their health status is frequently monitored by veterinary experts.



Seafood Sourcing hand selects, purchases and processes the finest quality locally caught sea fish, within 12 hours of the trawler arrival. We understand the importance of sourcing from fisheries and aquaculture farms with healthy fish and responsible labour practices. Our aim is to verify that the fish and seafood we source come from fisheries and farms meets our Responsible Sourcing Standard (RSS) requirements or are progressing toward them through engagement in improvement projects. 



From the farms of state of Rajasthan, Bihar, MP the rich goats and lamb of healthy breed are sourced to procure tender meat. These goats and lambs are reared in free farms where they grow in healthy and non-cruel environment

We at ZRESH want our customers to be aware of what they eat .


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